从幼儿园到大学, Highlands County and its surrounding area offers quality education that is accessible and affordable. 

K - 12教育

6686体育集团官网学校董事会 consists of 17 public schools that are preparing more than 12,000 student’s Pre-K through 12th grade to be tomorrow’s leaders. It also employees more than 2,000 professional, paraprofessional and auxiliary staff. 的 students in Highlands County represent more than 55 countries and speak 32 languages, 使我们的社区变得非常多样化. 


的 District supports 的 talents and multiple interests of our students through choice programs such as International Baccalaureate, 跳级, 双录取, Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, 高地职业学院 以及众多行业认证. 今年,该地区大约有1名学生,031 students in 跳级 classes, 289 in 的 International Baccalaureate program, 和1,447在AVID项目. 在职业课程方面, last year 780 students earned industry certification or a digital tool. 的 Highlands County school district has many high achieving students who are pursuing a variety of career paths and will be well-equipped to be our future workforce.



南佛罗里达州立大学 (SFSC) offers more than 70 degrees and programs in high-demand fields to match 的 needs of students and our local workforce. SFSC提供学士学位, 副学士(AA)学位, and technical workforce programs that lead to an Associate in Science (AS) degree, 证书或文凭. SFSC has two campuses in Highlands County and a third campus in DeSoto County. In addition to its baccalaureate and associate degree programs, it offers a variety of services aimed at a broad spectrum of users, 包括: 


高地职业学院 in partnership with 南佛罗里达州立大学, integrates academic and technical curricula thatallows students to meet graduation requirements while developing technical skills in specific areas. 


企业教育处 at SFSC provides customized training solutions using proven adult- learning methods and contemporary learning technology. 的 program develops custom solutions to help local employers meet 的ir organization’s specific training and development goals.


2017年秋季, workforce in Highlands County is being radically revolutionized with 的 launch of SFSC’s newest program – “Re-Engineering Our Future”. 的 program features three degree offerings related to Highlands County’s target industries in engineering technology, 机电一体化和生物医学科学. 的 program includes high-tech learning labs with portable components that enable it to offer onsite training to employers as well as two, Siemens-certified讲师. 的 program also features direct transfer opportunities to partner programs at Florida Polytechnic University and 的 南佛罗里达大学. 


Access To Colleges and Universities Within 100 Miles

Highlands County is surrounded by top-tier state colleges, 大学, and one of 的 highest per capita concentrations of federal science, research and engineering facilities in 的 country. Add to that our 300 days of sunshine and ability to hit 的 water for a much needed break from studying, and it’s easy to see why 的se students make 的ir roots here – eventually becoming our valued employees. Click on 的 links below to learn more about our local colleges and 大学 within 100 miles:



Florida’s customized training programs and incentives help companies become operational and profitable in less time and with lower costs. CareerSource腹地, county’s innovative partnership for workforce training, provides programs such as Quick Response 培训 and Incumbent Worker 培训 to help existing and new companies recruit, train and maintain cutting-edge skills and keep pace with new technologies. To find skilled candidates for your company or discover how CareerSource腹地 workforce development opportunities can help you grow, 访问 www.careersourceheartland.com.  


心脏地带教育联盟 是区域性的, 非营利性的, educational service agency founded in 1996 to provide cooperative services to member districts in central rural Florida. 的 organization is dedicated to assisting member districts in achieving 的ir goals and objectives through sharing ideas and resources to enhance 的 delivery of programs and services.

心脏地带教育联盟 offers a variety of services to member districts. Examples of services include but are not limited to: leadership development for teachers and administrators; professional development for school and district personnel; support and assistance for curriculum, 指令, assessment and technology initiatives; updates and guidance on legislation; grant writing; role alike networking, 指令al materials review and an annual leadership conference.


Enhancing 的 quality of life in Highlands County by attracting a variety of new businesses and increasing industrial investment, all while facilitating 的 retention and successful expansion of existing businesses and industry.


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